Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate Roofing
is a wonderful solution for homeowners

It can be used to cover outdoor entertaining spaces, or in areas where you want to create a fun and safe place for children to play without feeling like they are indoors!

Polycarbonate is a tough and hard-wearing thermoplastic material. It is lightweight in nature, almost unbreakable and has the capacity to withstand severe temperatures, whether hot or cold, as well as impact damage. Snow, hailstones, rain and skin-damaging UV rays are kept out by polycarbonate roofing.

Both flat and sloped roofs can use polycarbonate roofing. Its translucency makes it the perfect choice for many applications such as sunrooms, patios, decks, conservatories, garages, sheds, playrooms, pool areas and for any other outdoor home extension.

The best part is that because polycarbonate roofing provides thermal insulation, you don’t have to shut down that part of your house anytime of the year.

Are there other uses for polycarbonate roofing? Absolutely! Greenhouse owners find great benefit in using polycarbonate roofing products since the panels are heat resistant and can withstand weather elements for years without discolouring or fading. The same applies to livestock farmers who can use polycarbonate roofing for livestock enclosures.

Industrial warehouses, commercial premises and those in the mining sector can also use polycarbonate roofing to increase illumination and aesthetic value. You can choose from an array of profiles and colours such as clear, opal, smooth cream, light bronze, grey and dark tint.

Polycarbonate Roof

Your will find that the polycarbonate roof price is higher than plastic or low quality glass, however its durability and reliance far outweighs other materials. There are several factors that influence polycarbonate roof price.

Our consultant will conduct preliminary discussions with you to establish where you want the polycarbonate roof installed, size, profile, colour, and type of roof i.e. flat or sloped roof. The type of roof will influence how the polycarbonate roof will be installed since flat roofs create a drainage challenge. The consultant will then visit the site to examine the existing roof, take measurements and identify any special requirements that may also be needed such as a curved shape or window panels etc.  Polycarbonate roofing products have different prices depending on the manufacturer and quality.

Our final quote will include all these factors and give you the most affordable option to best fit your needs.

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At BP Roofing, we believe in providing you with the best polycarbonate roofing materials. Our expertise in the business enables us to provide expert advice on the different polycarbonate roofing products in the market, including those that are UV-Ray resistant.

It is possible to come across installed polycarbonate roofing that cracks and creaks, which can be very annoying. This is because of the expansion and contraction process that takes place within the roof structure on sunny or cloudy days. When you hire our team to install your roof, we take into consideration the expansion and contraction process and put measures in place to minimise the risk

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