Roof Restoration Brisbane
Southside and Northside

For anyone thinking about roof restoration Brisbane Southside and Northside have an excellent roofing expert in BP Roofing.

Many people consider roof restoration the same as roof repairs when they are actually quite different. Restoration is about adding to what already exists – it may involve repairs but it has a lot more going on. Think of it as giving your roof a facelift.

Now there are many reasons why anyone would want to restore their roof. I mean, if you inherit a 105-year old Victorian style house, you could definitely use roof restoring to keep the home habitable.

Modernising a roof, roof trouble, maintaining a roof, and roof makeovers are all reasons for roof restoration. Whatever your reason, BP Roofing specialises in roof restoration Brisbane Southside and Northside residents will love and enjoy for many years to come.

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What we do

Before we start a roof restoration Brisbane Southside and Northside clients can expect that we will visit the premises to assess the current condition of the roof which may include looking at the existing roof type and its support system and checking for damage and possible repairs. We will then have a sit down with the customer to discuss their expectations.


Tile roof restoration

From terracotta to concrete to slate tiles, we replace all cracked and damaged tiles and valleys. Rebedding and sealing is also taken care of.

Metal Roof restoration

Worried about a rusty roof or a leaky one? We use anti-mould treatment and rust inhibitors to keep your roof looking good longer. We also seal holes in the roof to ensure your insulation and ceiling last longer.

Roof cleaning

We carry out high-pressure roof cleaning that extends to the gutters as well.  Our cleaning team will get rid of all dirt, fungus, moss, and lichen and leave your roof sparkling clean.

Roof Painting

The aesthetic appeal that comes with a new paint job is amazing. You can choose from a range of colours and have our painters professionally paint your roof from the rooftop to the gutter and pipes.

Installation of additional fixtures

If you have been dreaming of getting those skylights or any other additional roof fixtures, this would be the perfect time to do so. Our expert roofers will help you get your additional fixtures done with ease.

Roof repairs

From leaky roofs to gutter leaks, and ridge cap repointing, our roofers will tackle all your roof repairs.

Why you need
to get it done

Our roofs provide us with much-needed shade and keep us and our property safe; that is why it is important to look after them. A neglected roof can result in all sorts of damage and expensive repairs in the future.

BP Roofing uses top quality products, and for all roof restoration Brisbane Southside and Northside residents can rely on our quality workmanship to keep their roofs for many years to come. We are fully certified and insured so you know that you are dealing with a company that has everything in place to guarantee top-notch work.

We at BP Roofing are roofing experts handling all sorts of roofing services from installation of various types of roofs to repairs, replacement, restoration, and guttering for both residential and commercial buildings. You can read more about our work on in our other blog articles.

Need roof restoration? Call us today for quality, friendly and professional work.