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Your commercial roofing investment is the backbone of your business in Brisbane and it’s important your roof protects that investment. BP Roofing work on commercial buildings as well as residential.

Our previous commercial roofing projects showcase our ability to provide the best quality roof for your commercial property in Brisbane. Our commercial roofs are environmentally sustainable, durable, long-lasting and are easily maintained to extend the life of your investment.

No matter the size of the job, our experts at BP Roofing can help to restore, commercial roof repair, commercial reroofing or replace your roof.  No commercial roofing job is too big, too small or too complicated for our team in Brisbane.

Types of Commercial Roofing Brisbane

There are two main types of roofing used on commercial buildings. Both flat (low-sloped) and sloped roofs are found. BP Roofing experts will come to your building site and suggest the best type of roofing material for your type of roof, and install it for you with our quality promise.


There are many different factors that affect the overall price of your commercial roofing project in Brisbane:

roof access

Roof Access

One of the main factors to the cost of your commercial roofing repair or replacement is how easily the roof can be accessed. Can your roof be accessed with a ladder, or is a large crane required to reach the roof?


Access to Storage

Where can equipment and material be stored throughout the commercial roofing project? When materials can be easily and quickly accessed, roofers can work faster and more efficiently. If materials are required to be stored off-site, additional costs may occur.



During the time of your commercial roofing project, will your building be occupied? Comfort, safety and health of those occupying the building must be taken into account. This sometimes means the roofing activities take place after regular working hours which could increase costs, especially during peak season (summer to early autumn).

Our Commercial
Roofing Experience

From the moment you call for a quote, your experience with BP Roofing begins. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a transparent, easy and reliable commercial roofing experience in Brisbane to get your commercial building back up and running.

We will begin with our free no-obligation quote from one of our team experts on site. To save you time, we will ask many questions about access, occupancy and other factors to ensure we provide you with the most accurate quote the first time. Our expert on site will also go through your options, if available, such as a full replacement or a smaller repair.

Our team will then take the information we collected from you back to our office and provide you with a quote, as well as our upcoming availability. When you receive your quote, you are encouraged to ask questions by talking further with our commercial roofing experts in Brisbane. When you are comfortable with your quote, we will schedule your commercial roof repair or replacement.

Once scheduled, our team will set-up, remove the existing roof (and remove the old roofing materials from your site), install your new roof and clean-up. The process will be done before you know it and you will be back to your regularly scheduled business routines.

Our Commercial Roofing Experience
Wait no longer!

Call BP Roofing now for your free no-obligation quote for your commercial roof repair or replacement. Protect your commercial investment with a North Brisbane company you can trust.