Different Types of Roofing Materials: What Are the Different Types of Roofing Sheets

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There are different types of roofing sheets in the market today and it helps to understand how they work before picking one. You need to do it right the first time because you can’t have a roof installed today and changed tomorrow because it doesn’t look good, or changed again because it doesn’t match your window sills. It’s not practical and neither is it a wise way of spending your time and money.

Different types of roofing sheets serve different purposes which we will explore below. It helps to think about a couple of things as you look through the different types of roofing sheets.

What to Consider When Choosing Roofing Materials

Different types of roofing sheets serve different purposes, suit different styles and locations, and create different impressions. It helps to think about a couple of things as you look through the different types of roofing sheets.

Some of the considerations include:

  • Weather resistance
  • Durability
  • Installation cost
  • Design of the building
  • Local county requirements
  • Residential community requirements (where applicable)
  • National codes for particular types of buildings
  • Aesthetic value
  • Energy efficiency so as to reduce the need to artificial cooling or heating.

Different Types of Roofing Sheets

Now that you’re clear on what you want your roof to achieve for you, let us now look at the different types of roofing sheets available.

Tile Roofing Materials

Here, you have several options:

Terracotta Tiles

Made from clay, terracotta tiles suit any weather, are fire resistant, energy efficient and durable. They come in variety of profiles and colours and they have great aesthetic value. Terracotta tiles are expensive, heavy and require strong structural support.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are similar to terracotta in that they are weather resistant, fire resistant and energy efficient. They are much cheaper than terracotta though, and can be moulded to mimic other roofing materials such as slate, stone or wood shingles. Unfortunately, concrete tiles are porous and they tend to fade over time

Slate Tiles

Slates tiles have a natural look and offer a classy appearance so you are assured of great aesthetic appeal. They are also extremely durable and compatible with any roof style. They offer thermal insulation and noise insulation as well. Slate tiles are costly and heavy, meaning they require strong structural support.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is environmentally-friendly since it uses recycled materials. Due to corrosion issues, manufacturers have implemented technology that creates corrosion free metal sheets such as Zincalume and Colorbond. Sea Side Grate Steel roofing is designed for homes near the beach. Metal roofs are lightweight, durable and easy to install. They can also be moulded to suit different styles and are energy efficient. Metal roofs can be quite noisy during rain or hailstorms, and may require insulation to curb the noise.

Roof Shingles

Compared to normal roof tiles roof shingles are flatter and thinner and can be made from different types of materials such as slate, fibre cement, concrete and wood. Asphalt roof shingles can withstand the elements i.e. strong winds, hailstorms and rain. They are also fire resistant, while slate shingles are highly durable and withstand elements well.

Thatched Roofs

These are usually made of dry straw, reeds or palm and coconut tree branches (and other dried vegetation). They are commonly used to roof outdoor structures such as pergolas, and create a tropical feel.

Glass Roofs

Glass roofs are contemporary and will provide a great view of your surroundings in addition to bringing in a lot of light. Glass roofs require strong structural support. It is important to ensure the glass is double or triple glazed because glass produces a lot of heat and can make your home extremely uncomfortable.

Looking at all the different types of roofing sheets, it seems builders are lost for choice. When selecting roofing materials, it is important to look at the one that fits your budget, suits the design of your house and is appropriate for where you live.

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