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The team at BP Roofing have been helping Brisbane locals with roof leak repairs for over 25 years. Queensland is renowned for our beautiful sunshine, but also for our extreme weather. When severe rain or storms hit then roof leaks can sometimes cause issues that need to be address quickly by experienced roofing professionals.

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Common Causes of Leaks – Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs - Rusting

Metal is a popular building material for roof construction because of the wide range of colours, design options and thicknesses that are available. However, as with any metal that is exposed to weather, rain and wind there can be a chance of the paint or coating peeling or blistering which can expose the metal directly to water and cause rust and oxidisation. Once a metal roof sheet starts to rust, they can deteriorate very quickly which can cause roof leaks. Home owners should carry out routine inspections of the metal sheets that make up their roof, to find problems early and avoid the damage becoming worse over time.

Metal Roofs – Installation Errors

Another common issue we come across when conducting roof leak inspections is incorrect installation practices that leads to leaks in heavy rain. Whilst metal roofs may withstand average levels of rainfall without causing leaks, sometimes in extreme conditions you may notice leaks starting to appear. Often times, there are simple reparations that can be made to existing installs that will prevent this from happening. These can include ensuring that the ends of metal sheets have been correctly turned up to an angle that matches the required amount depending on the pitch of the roof, right through to installing specialist stop ends that will prevent heavy rainfall from reversing up the end lip of the sheet.

Incorrect installation of roof features.

The root cause of many leaks is not in fact the metal sheets themselves, but rather the joins at the point of installation of various roof features such as skylights, chimneys or extraction units. If you notice a roof leak and it is located within 1 meter of a roof feature, then this is highly likely to be the culprit. In most cases, inspecting, checking and resealing around the features solves the problem, but if it doesn’t it might be time to enlist the help of a qualified roof expert before more damage occurs.

How to fix metal roof leaks.

If you have noticed any roof leaks, and your roof is metal then the best fix is to replace the affected or rusted sheets with new sheets and ensure that they are installed correctly. A short-term fix, if the affected areas is relatively small could be to cut out the section that has rusted and seek to patch with new metal cut to size, and affix through either welding, or a silicone adhesive. It is important to note that any rusted surface will compromise the ability for silicone to correctly adhere to the material, so whilst this might solve the problem in the short term, you will most likely find that the issue will return.

Another installation issue the team at BP Roofing come across is that of incorrect types of sheeting being used. Metal Roof Sheets are designed to be installed at a certain pitch. Their pattern or corrugation plays a big factor in how quickly water will be dispersed and in what direction it will flow. When the incorrect type of metal sheeting has been installed for the pitch of the roof, there is often little choice other than to reinstall with the correct product. If this has happened to you, then feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your options. We will do everything we can to help you choose the right products for installation and ensure the job is done properly.

Gutter Overflow

Similarly, your roof can leak suddenly if gutters and water diversion units have not been installed correctly or are blocked due to leaves and other debris. When this happens, water that falls into the gutters cannot run off quickly enough and can overflow. In severe storms, wind may cause water to blow backwards into the eaves or roof cavity, which can cause a great deal of damage. As a part of your general roof maintenance, you should always inspect your gutters, downpipes and drains for any blockages and make sure that there is nothing preventing water from being diverted quickly. If you do notice a blockage, and are not able to remove it, then speak to a professional who has specialised equipment to get the job done quickly and easily.

Common Causes of Leaks – Tiled Roof Leaks

Cracked, broken or displaced tiles

Tiles are designed to be water tight, and have a system of interlocking features that ensure water can run off into gutters and drains efficiently. That being said, over time tiles can become compromised by age, extreme weather or impacts of fallen branches. If a roof tile becomes cracked significantly water is likely to pass straight through into your ceiling cavity and can cause a serious amount of damage. If this happens you will need to remedy the problem quickly to minimise the damage and financial impact of making repairs.

Similarly, in heavy winds, tiles can be displaced slightly which also means the tongue and groove system of locking isn’t working the way that it is meant to. This can leave the roof exposed as strong winds and rain enter through these small gaps.

If you notice either of these issues, silicone sealing might provide a temporary solution to the problem in an emergency but will not provide a long-term solution. Any roof leaks should be treated seriously as they have the potential to cause damage to your ceiling, walls, electricals, HVAC systems and contents. When you notice a roof leak it is best to organise an inspection from a qualified roofing specialist to ensure that the damage cause is kept to a minumum.

Issues with Capping, Pointing and Flashing

The V shaped tiles that cover the line where two pitches meet is called capping. The cement that is used to seal this capping to the first row of tiles is called pointing. Sometimes roof capping needs to be repointed, as the cement can slowly deteriorate over time from being exposed to the elements.

Flashing on the other hand is the sheets of thin metal, usually lead, that is installed underneath your tiles. Flashing usually lasts a very long time but can split depending on the climate and weather in the area, as well as its age and thickness. When there are issues with flashing, again silicone provides a temporary solution but should not be considered a permanent fix.

Incorrect tile product selection, or installation

Similar to metal roofs, tiles are designed specifically to be installed on a certain degree range of pitches. If the tiles that have been chosen are not right for the pitch, this can cause issues with leaks especially in extreme rain. Also, flat tiles whilst giving a striking feature to your home should only ever be installed at a certain degree of pitch, as they are more prone to leaking that tiles that have been shaped specifically to quickly disperse water.

Every tile manufacturer has an installation standards guide for their products that should be followed by the roofing company that is completing the installation, however sometimes these instructions are not followed correctly and can cause either immediate or future issues for home owners.

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