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There are many reasons that home owners may require roof repairs at some stage. Roof repairs are a very specialist area of construction that require expert knowledge to be able to effectively solve problems that may arise. The potential damage that can be caused to your home or property from faults in your roof can be huge, so I is always best to get the advice and services of a licensed professional to ensure you minimise any expense or damage that could be caused if the fault is left unremedied for too long.

Whether damage has been caused by a storm, impact or from normal aging and deterioration, the team at BP Roofing can help inspect your roof, highlight any current or potential problems and provide you with a detailed quote for all materials and labour to get your roof back to top condition.

Some of the reasons that our clients come to us for roof repairs include:

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Sudden Water Leaks

The most common, and obvious sign that your roof is in need of repair is the presence of water or water damage to your ceiling of fascia. Regardless of how bad the water leak is, the potential for significant damage being cause is very high, especially in storm prone areas like Brisbane, Queensland.

There are several components that make up a roof, and faults with any of these components could be the root cause of roof leaks. Damaged or aging flashing is one of the most common causes of roof leaks. Whether the flashing has been damaged or displaced in a severe storm, or whether it has aged and deteriorated naturally, the help of a professional roof repair expert will be required to remedy this fault. Similarly, if there is any issue with the metal sheeting, tile or singles, such as damage, cracks or movement, then this has the potential to cause significant leaking. If you have a roof leak but are not able to find the cause, then the team at BP Roofing are here to help. We have helped thousands of home owners with their roof repairs in Brisbane.

Roof Tile or Roof Metal Damage or Displacement

The tiles or metal on your roof can become damaged or displaced for a number of reasons. The most common time that this happens is during severe winds and storm, or when the roof is impacted severely by falling branches or accidental collision from trucks. A lot of the time the damage is clearly visible but that is not always the case. Many clients come to us because their roof is either leaking, or air is making its way into the ceiling cavity, however they have not been able to identify the root cause.

Our team of experts can come to your home and conduct a thorough roof repair inspection in order to find the cause of the problem and help you understand the best way to repair this. In most cases, roof repairs are simple. With the right knowledge, experience and materials these issues can be fixed very quickly and cost effectively. However, there are cases where more extensive damage has been caused which will require a more aggressive approach to repair.

Pest Infestations

Another common cause of damage to roofs, especially in Brisbane and surrounding areas is pests. Possums are the most common cause of damage to roofs when it comes to animals, however rats, termites or white ants and other critters also have the potential to cause significant damage and disruption. In many cases, these animals can find their way into you roof due to a gap or space that has been caused by storms or winds. Once inside these pests have the potential to cause a lot of damage, so if you think you might have an uninvited guest in your ceiling or attic then call our experts.

Roof Damage Caused by Trees

Trees add visual appeal to our backyards and landscaping; however tall tree have the potential to cause catastrophic damage to roofs and structures. Falling branches, or movement of trees in strong winds is a common reason that our clients call us to come in a carry out roof repairs. It is best if you have large trees in your yard to ensure that they are well cared for and maintained, and that any branches that are too close to your home are removed before they cause issues.

Incorrect Installation

There are very specific guidelines and building standards when it comes to the installation of roofs, guttering and fascia. Unfortunately, sometimes these guidelines aren’t followed which can cause problems for homeowners either immediately, or in the future as the condition of the roof deteriorates. Faulty installation almost always increases the likelihood of you having problems with your roof, so it is very important that you choose to work with experienced, licensed and insured roof installation experts.

At BP Roofing, we have helped a number of clients who have been the victims of a dodgy build. The good news is, roof repairs, when done correctly will solve the problem and ensure that you don’t have any issues in the future. If you have any concern about the quality of your roof installation, then feel free to reach out to our team and we can organise an obligation free inspection to give you peace of mind.

Metal Roofing Restoration

Our Roof Repair Services

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Tile Roof Repairs

Tiles are a very popular choice when it comes to roof coverings in Brisbane. Roof Tiles not only look great, but they last a long time, come in a wide variety of styles and colours and provide excellent climate control. However, broken roof tiles and cracks in roof tiles can cause home owners a great deal of expense, as it can lead to leaks and rotting of the timber frames. If you need help with tile roof repairs in Brisbane, BP Roofing are the experts.

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Metal Roof Repairs

Over time, metal roofs can deteriorate as they are exposed to the elements. Rusting roof metal is the most common issue we are called in to repair. The good news is, that repairing metal roofs is straightforward when you have the right equipment, knowledge and experience. Most jobs can be completed in as little as one to two days and with minimal impact on your home and family.

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Gutter Repairs

It is natural that your roof and guttering system will degrade over time. Damaged, rusted or incorrectly installed gutters are one of the most common causes of either leaks or roof and ceiling damage. Damage in most cases can be easily spotted. Common signs include rusting, bubbling or blistering of paint or coatings as well as splits in the metal or significant warping. If you notice any of these, it is best to get the help of roof repair experts.

Similarly, major damage can be cause by blocked gutters and downpipes. Whilst routine maintenance can prevent this from happening, if you don’t have the time to do this then our team of roof maintenance experts can help! Depending on your home’s location, we can advise on a maintenance schedule that suits your needs and will ensure that your gutters are free from leaves, clutter and debris.

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Roof Restoration

BP Roofing can also provide a full roof restoration service whether your roof is constructed out of metal, Colourbond, tile or slate. We have all of the necessary cleaning and safety equipment to bring your roof back to as new condition and can also carry out a total exterior makeover by painting your roof to match the outside of your home.

Over time, and especially in Brisbane, the sun can cause significant fading and discolouration. Whilst cleaning can help, nothing beats a freshly painted, sealed and protected roof.

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Emergency Roof Repairs

Queenslanders know that some issues with roofs can happen at the most inconvenient time. Whilst we enjoy our constant sunshine, we also know that severe weather and storms are always a risk. BP Roofing offer a 24/7 emergency roof repair service for our clients to give them peace of mind that we will be there when we are needed to help protected your home and your family.

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