Asbestos Roof Replacement

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Are you looking for asbestos roof replacement Brisbane? BP Roofing provides you with an asbestos roof replacement team of experts. As replacement of an asbestos roof requires specialised training and coordination between many different groups, use the knowledge of our team. We focus on safety of your tenants, your building and the environment when removing or working with asbestos roofing.

Is our asbestos roof
an environmental hazard?

The answer is both yes and no as the answer depends strictly on the condition of your asbestos roof. If the roof is in good condition with no damage, it can be a great, long-lasting roof for your building.

On the other hand, if your asbestos roof is broken or is crumbling, the roof will be declared as a hazardous material and fall under hazardous material regulations. If your asbestos roof has damage, contact our asbestos roof replacement Brisbane experts immediately and we will help you remove the roof while minimising impact on the environment and your tenants.

Why replace your asbestos roof?

Not sure if you want to replace your asbestos roof? Here are our top reasons how an asbestos roof replacement will help improve your building:

Upgrade your street presence

Roofs not only provide a layer of protection to your home, but are a large focus of your street appeal. Replacing your asbestos roof to a metal or shingle roof will increase the overall look of your home.

No Interruption

Replace your asbestos roof and move forward knowing your business operations will not be interrupted for additional repairs, concerns or replacement.

Lower your energy bills

Upgrade to a new roof to minimise the amount of energy leaking from the roof of your home.

Remove worry about your roof

Remove the worry about your asbestos roof by replacing it with a new roof to meet the needs of your building

Add long-term value to your home

When your asbestos roof cracks or crumbles, the value of your home decreases. Not only in your roof, but also the safety of your home. An asbestos roof replacement allows for your home to increase in value as the worry of your roof has been removed.

Reduce the weight on your roof

Asbestos roofing is quite heavy and causes additional pressure on the structure of your building. Replacing your roof with a light-weight, strong, durable, asbestos-free roof, will allow your house a sigh of relief as the weight is lifted from it.

Although your asbestos roof may not be cracked right now, weather and other natural causes may cause your roof to crumble, exposing dangerous fumes into the environment and your building. Call the asbestos roof replacement Brisbane experts for reliable and safe removal and replacement of your roof.