Roof Sealant

Roof Sealant

Roof sealant is a specialised coating that is applied to your roof to serve as an additional layer of protection against inclement weather, severe wind and even bushfire. Roof sealant is applied to both new and old roofs and is useful no matter what type of roof you have. It is an excellent option for residential homes and commercial buildings. BP Roofing has been helping Brisbane clients with advice and application of roof sealants to ensure that their home, their family and property are protected. Roof sealants as the name would imply seek to make a roof water tight and wind proof and are a vital step in any new roof build or roof restoration project.

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Main Benefits of Roof Sealant

Extending the Lifespan of Your Roof

Roof Sealant helps to extend the lifespan of your roof by protecting it against the harsh elements such as wind, rain and ice and snow. A sealant also acts as a barrier for moisture which keeps the internal ceiling cavity of your home dry. When applied correctly, a roof sealant should offer up to 10 years of protection. If you have any concern over the quality of product that has been used on your roof, or the techniques used to apply the sealant then a free inspection from one of our experts will help to identify any issues you should be concerned about. If required, we can also provide you with an obligation free quote for the removal of damaged or faulty sealant, as well as the application of new sealant to keep your roof in top condition.

Exterior Aesthetic

Roof sealant can help keep the building materials used to construct your roof looking in top condition. Without sealant, metal roofs and tiled roofs can become quickly discoloured and faded. Roof sealant helps to extend the life of roofs by protecting the construction materials against heat and UV damage. This is especially true of roofs that have been painted in darker colours, as dark colours attract and absorb more sun and heat. Over time, this will work to damage your roofs coating and surfaces, so a few layers of roof sealant will go a long way to keeping your roof in top condition.

Roof Sealant Reduces Energy Consumption

Applying the right type of roof sealant for your property can have significant benefits when it comes to energy consumed for both heating and cooling. The sealant works to provide a protective later between the inside of your roof and the outdoor weather, so when applied correctly this can stabilise temperatures in your home and negate the need for artificial heating, ventilation or air conditioning. Sealant also acts as a barrier to wind and rain, so you can be sure that even in the harshest Brisbane storm, your roof will stay completely dry and leak free.

Why you need to seal tile roofs?

Roof tiles, whether made from terracotta or concrete are a very common building material. There are a number of manufacturers of these tiles in Australia, and in 2019 there is a huge variety of styles and colours to match every price point. Roof tiles tend to be light weight, strong and have a host of applications across residential and commercial construction. However, these tiles whilst tough, will need to be sealed to extend their effective life and ensure they do not discolour or stain over time.

Terracotta tiles are made from clay and contain a lot of different minerals and additives to ensure they remain strong as well as water and heat resistance. Some terracotta tiles are also painted to suit a wide range of exterior design styles. If your home has terracotta tiles, then you should take the time to ensure that your qualified roof installation experts uses a high-quality sealant to extend the life and look of these products. Tiles are quite porous, which makes them ideal for tropical climates such as Brisbane. These tiny pores help to collect moisture from both the air and rain. This can also have a cooling effect on a home especially during humid Brisbane nights.

Why you need to seal metal roofs?

Metal roofs are made up of many panels of overlapping metal. The range of metal products available in 2019, is huge, but not all of them are pre-sealed. Also, due to the overlapping nature of metal roofs, it is important that we make special effort to seal metal and overlaps to miminse the risk of water being blown back into the ceiling cavity and to protect the metal against the harsh elements. Metal roofs are susceptible to rusting and corrosion, but the good news is the repairing and sealing a metal roof is easy when you have the right equipment and experience. A metal roof can also need resealing after a period of time as weather, sun and rain can have a significant impact on its water tightness and overall appearance.

There are a number of manufacturers of metal roof sheets in Australia and now more than ever clients have access to a rainbow of colours and finishes. Roof sealants can also be either clear or coloured and can be a good way to either change the look of your roof, or just provide an additional layer of protection.

Roof sheets can be made from tin, iron, aluminum or Colourbond as well as a number of other different alloys. However, regardless of the type of metal used in your roof, they are all susceptible to corrosion and rust without the proper roof sealants being applied.

The right metal roof sealant will help by:

Reduce The Weight On Your Roof

Extending the life of your metal roof

As with any metal product that is exposed to the elements, metal roofs can deteriorate in weather over time. Also, when water pools on metal roofs, and doesn’t evaporate or dry quickly enough, then the metal can react with the water and create rust damage. If left untreated, this can cause severe roof leaks and require extensive reparation. Ensure you are giving your metal roof the best possible care by using a high-quality roof sealant.

No Interruption

Metal Join Waterproofing

The installation of metal roofs usually requires fastenings to keep the metal attached to the frame, even in high winds and severe storms. The screws and fastenings used to attach metal sheets can scratch and damage coatings, which exposes them to the air and water. Make sure your roof contractor is using a roof sealant on any fixings being used.


Adding shine to your metal roof

Many metal roofs, especially older metal roofs can lose the vibrancy of colour and luster of the metal building materials. Sealants can help bring tired looking metal roofs back to life and repair any damage that has been caused over time.

Need Help Choosing the Right Roof Sealant?

At BP Roofing we have access to the roofing industries leading brands and products including roof sealants for any type of roofing material. Whether you roof is made of tile, metal, slate or shingle, you can be sure that we stock the right products to have your roof looking as good as the day as it was installed, and that it will continue to protect your home and family from wind, rain and sun. If you are unsure whether you could benefit from resealing your roof, then reach out to one of our experienced customer service people and they will be happy to help you understand the right products and potential benefits of resealing your roof.

How We Restore Roofs

The right terracotta tile sealant will help by:

Making tiles last longer

Rain and moisture can damage raw or unsealed tiles. When your tiled roof accumulates too much moisture, without enough time for it to dry out completely, then tiles can become damaged and begin to crack or chip. The right roof sealant will help tiles become more waterproof and minimise the amount of moisture they hold which will increase their overall lifespan.


Roof sealant acts as a water proofer, which means in heavy rain, tiles will be better conditioned to eliminate and drain excess water into your gutter system quicker. This will also protect the inside of your roof from excessive moisture or damage that comes along with roof leaks.

Adding shine to your tiles

Terracotta tiles tend to be very dull and matt in their normal state. When we apply a roof sealant to them, they can take on a newer and glossier appearance which not only looks great from the street, but also helps to keep them clean and free from moss, mold and dirt.

Many modern tile products are pre sealed during the manufacturing process, but this is not always the case. Check with a roofing product expert as to whether the tiles you are choosing for your new roof build, or the existing tiles on your home are sealed. If not, you can reach out to one of our team to understand the benefits of sealing tiles in more detail and request an obligation free quote.