Metal Roofing Restoration

Metal Roofing

A lot of building owners often decide to remove and replace their metal roof at the first sign of failure. But do you know that you have other options, other than having it replaced right away? One of the best options is metal roof restoration.

Here at BP Roofing, we are experts in metal roof restoration, with years of experience restoring roofs. Our skilled personnel will provide you with a variety of options to repair your roof. This includes metal roof restoration. With metal roof restoration, not only will you save time, but you will also save money. All throughout the process, we will be there to provide you with long-lasting solutions, and service with a smile.

Metal Roof Restoration Service

Metal roof restoration is a good choice, as it also brings with it a complete waterproofing system.

This is a cost-effective means of roof repair, as it provides a long lasting coating. Metal roof restoration also prevents rust and leaks for many years to come.

Choosing Metal
Roof Restoration

The first thing to consider with this service is your location. Since there are various types of metal used in roofing, we at BP Roofing first ask about your current roofing materials to help find you the best product. Not sure what it’s made from? That’s okay – we can come out and have a look.

Before you ask for a quote from a contractor, be ready to answer these questions:

When was your house built?

Has it been repaired, recoated or restored before?

What’s the size or measurement of your roof area?

What are the reasons you are considering restoring your metal roof?

What style of roof do you have?

Do you have a preferred finishing coat?

In order to come up with the best plan, these questions must be answered. Planning is the key to top quality service.

Benefits of Metal
Roof Restoration

A quality metal roof restoration significantly extends the life of your roof. Whether it’s because of rust or weather-related damage, metal roof coating provides water and a rustproof barrier. This type of roof restoration can also reduce your heating and cooling costs by 10%-50%!

Here’s the best part of metal roof restoration: this service costs only one half of the cost of a roof replacement! So, when deciding whether you want a metal roof restoration, contact BP Roofing. We can give you the best recommendation for what to do with your roof.

Other Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration:

  • It eliminates leakage
  • Your metal roof restores wind resistance
  • Metal roofing is more attractive, aesthetic-wise
  • It is environment-friendly since it limits tear-off and waste generation
Why You Should Choose BP Roofing
for Metal Roof Restoration

At BP Roofing, we pride ourselves in providing a friendly, knowledgeable service to our customers. In addition, we always seek to remain budget-friendly. We guarantee a high-quality service with all clients, from start to finish. Ask us about the warranties we include on our products and services.

When your metal roof is in dire need of help, give us a quick call. We’re the metal roof restoration experts.